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  1. If you go to Germany, you will see nothing but German signboards, people speaking their mother-tounge. Most languages belong to language families. Language family is a group of related languages that developed from a common historic ancestor, referred to as.
  2. Retrieved 26 May 2017. The speakers of the language call it "Telugu". E older forms of the name include Telugu, Tenugu and Teliga. E etymology of Telugu is not certain. The Kannada script is used in the southern Indian state of Karnataka to write the Kannada language. Is derived from the Old Kannada script and is closely related.
  3. He claimed to be a successor of Skanderbeg. The speakers of the language call it "Telugu". E older forms of the name include Telugu, Tenugu and Teliga. E etymology of Telugu is not certain.

The True and Tried Method for Essay On Republic Day In Kannada Language Letters In Detailed Depth

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